Secret Type - PKIJKS

The PKIJKS-Type is the same as the PKI-Type. The only difference is that it converts the issued certificate into a Java Key Store.

How TO

How to generate a PKI is documented by HashiCorp in their Secrets Engine documentation. For a short simple example please see the How To section of PKi-Type.

After you have generated a PKI create the Vault resource in Kubernetes:

apiVersion: ""
kind: Vault
  name: test-pkijks
  path: "testpki/issue/testrole"
  type: "PKIJKS"
    commonName: "localhost"
    ttl: "7m"
    password: "changeit"

Now you should see the Vault resource in Kubernetes and the newly generated secret:

$ kubectl get vault test-pkijks
NAME          AGE
test-pkijks   8d
$ kubectl get secret test-pkijks
NAME          TYPE      DATA      AGE
test-pkijks   Opaque    1         8d

The Java Key Store is saved by default in the key.jks field. It's possible to change the field via the jksConfiguration Object:


  password: "changeit"
  alias: "main"
  keyName: "key.jks"

The field password defines the password that's used to secure the Key Store. The alias is for defining the name of the TLS-Certificate in the Key store and the key name is for specifying the save path in the secret.

Change Adjustment Callback

For more details please see Change Detection!

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